Marguerite Abdul-Masih

Faculty of Arts
Religious Studies

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Scholarly Contributions


Abdul-Masih Magi. "Edward Schillebeeckx and Hans Frei: A Conversation on Method and Christology" (Winter - 2001)

Journal Articles

Abdul-Masih Magi, Rajaee Farhang, Ryan William, Harper Sharon. "For Human Development: The Holistic Triangle (forthcoming)", International Development Research Centre n/a (Winter - 2003), n/a
Abdul-Masih Magi. "Science and Religion: Knowledge and Meaning (forthcoming)", International Development Research Centre n/a (Winter - 2003), n/a
Abdul-Masih Magi. "Constructing Identities: An Egyptian Looks at Jews", Ecumenist Vol. 39, No. 1 (Winter - 2002), n/a
Abdul-Masih Magi. "Reflections on Hope", Cornerstone Issue 23 (Winter - 2000), n/a
Abdul-Masih Magi. "The Challenge of Present Day Palestine to Contemporary Theology", Studies in Religion (Canadian Journal of Religion) Vol. 29, No. 4 (Winter - 2000), n/a


Abdul-Masih Magi. "Religious and Doctrinal Basis for Religious Dialogue", Sabeel: Palestinian Liberation Theology Centre. (Winter - 2003)
Abdul-Masih Magi. "Liberation Theology: Continuing Questions", Egyptian Centre for Middle Eastern Research and Development (C.R.E.M.E.D), and the Jesuit Cultural Centre (Winter - 2003)
Abdul-Masih Magi. "Despair and Hope", Canadian Commission for UNESCO Youth Forum (Winter - 2002)
(facilitator) Magi, Abdul-Masih Marguerite. "A Time to Reflect on Islam and Afghanistan", Facilitator in a public presentation (Sponsored by Sisters of Charity) (Winter - 2002)
Abdul-Masih Magi. "Religion, Terrorism, and the Future/ After September 11th: Living Hope in a Multi-Cultural and Multi Religious World", Centre for American and Jewish Studies (Winter - 2001)
Abdul-Masih Magi. "Challenge of Present Day Palestine on Contemporary Theology", Canadian Theological Society convention (Spring - 2000)