The Office of Innovation and Community Engagement (OICE)

The Office of Innovation and Community Engagement (OICE) facilitates research relationships between faculty members and government departments, private companies, industrial associations and international agencies.

The OICE is the initial point of contact for faculty members and external parties wishing to develop research relationships, collaborations and contracts, and for the transfer of technology and knowledge arising from the research activities at Saint Mary's.

Please click on the link for a copy of the OICE Report 2019, featuring researchers across Saint Mary's University and their partners.

 “OICE is providing a multi-faceted service, connecting industry problems with academic solutions. Students learn much needed R&D skills and fund their education. Industry gets access to a broad range of expertise on demand. Faculty gets new insights and directions for further research. When we walk into the classroom, there is a new found confidence to answer the question ‘Why are you making us learn this?’, having applied what we are teaching to real world problems.”

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Dr. Pawan Lingras
Professor and Director, Computing and Data Analytics
Department of Mathematics & Computing Science
Saint Mary’s University

The OICE fosters and supports joint research initiatives, assists faculty in research contract development, intellectual property protection and private sector sponsorship. We also establish collaborations between researchers and external partners and license technologies to industry.

Saint Mary's is a member of Springboard Atlantic, a regional commercialization and industry liaison network.

Note: The OICE was formerly known as the Industry Liason Office (ILO).

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