Visiting International Students

As a visiting international student to Saint Mary’s, you’ll be part of an exceptional, curious, and international community. Whether you hope to gain a well-rounded educational experience by exploring new classes, immerse yourself in our famously friendly culture, or make international connections, this could be the perfect opportunity.

Our visiting international students come to us for a term or two, through our partner universities [PDF]‌. Want to know more? Ask your home university for more information.

Top 5 Reasons to Come to Saint Mary’s

  1. We’re friendly: Halifax is a small, safe city. Plus, we’re world-famous for our warm, welcoming culture.
  2. We’re diverse: 33% of our students are international, representing at least 80 different countries every year.
  3. We’re supportive: Our International Centre will help you with everything from student visas to finding friends.
  4. We’re in demand: Although there are more than 20 universities in the Maritimes, 22% of international students studying in the region have chosen Saint Mary’s.
  5. We’re internationally respected: Students who graduate from Saint Mary’s are respected and sought after around the world.