Canadian Summer School in Germany

Evaluations and advice from former students

Student opinion is vital to us and for that reason, we feel it is important that you read what former students have to say about the CSSG program, both positive and negative. We are including here the comments from written evaluations.

Program in general (PDF)



Activities and excursions (PDF)

We asked the students to evaluate the cultural activities and excursions, including the balance between scheduled activities and free time and to include any suggestions they might have for future years.



Advice from former students (PDF)

We also asked the students to provide you with advice on frequently asked questions. Mainly this is about how much money they think you should bring with you and their advice on telephones in Germany as well as some things they wish they had known before they left for Germany.


2015 Evaluations



2014 Evaluations



2013 Evaluations