Canadian Summer School in Germany

35th Anniversary Scholarship Recipients

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2015: Kelsey Monsen (University of Victoria)


The most valuable language learning takes place in the country where it is spoken.

While in Kassel, I made friends with locals who couldn't speak English and it was the greatest incentive to improve my German. From being too shy to say a word in German, CSSG has left me positive, curious, and knowledgeable about the language. Thanks to CSSG, I am now excited about every opportunity to use German and have lifelong friends from both Canada and Germany who I know I can call on if I would like to practice or reflect on the amazing experience.

I cannot thank the CSSG award donors enough for making this opportunity possible.
The classes were encouraging, and professors very helpful. As my host mom noticed the difference I recall her saying "ich mag deinen Unterricht!


2015: Madison Nickel (University of Alberta, Augustana)


The CSSG 35th Anniversary Scholarship has impacted me in a few different ways. First, the Canadian Summer School in Germany was one of the greatest experiences of my life. The culture it exposes one to, is nothing like anyone would ever experience in any other setting. The fact that you stay with a carefully selected family makes all the difference in learning about German culture. Second, the scholarship, via CSSG, made it possible for me to be accepted as a Fremdsprachenassistent in Bavaria. Without CSSG I would have never had the language skills or the confidence to take part in the exchange. My 8-Month exchange as a Fremdsprachenassistent has been, so far, the greatest experience of my life. Without the CSSG 35th Anniversary Award, I may never have been able to afford CSSG and as a result, not take part in the exchange.


2015: Megan Hardman (University of Alberta)


Thank you very much to the donor who helped make it possible for me to study in Germany this past summer. I had such a great time meeting new people (both Germans and Canadians), practicing my German, and visiting new places. Having taken part in CSSG, I feel that I have changed (in a good way!) and know that I would deeply regret it if I couldn't have attended the program.


2015: Erin Lowey (University of Victoria)



2013: Ryssa Moffat (University of Ottawa)

2012: Remi Winder (University of Alberta)



2011: Patrick England (University of Calgary)



2010: Katrina Staufenbiel (Strohschein) (University of Guelph)


I would say that the scholarship was a huge help for me. CSSG gave me my first taste of immersion and greatly advanced my language skills, so much so that I was able to write an entire play script in German the following year with several other classmates, receive a practicum placement at the BKK Landesverband Hannover in 2011 through the WSP, meet my husband, complete the C1 course just one year after CSSG, and graduate from Dalhousie with an Honours German degree. I am translating a German novel into English for an author and have previously taught English at a top-notch English Academy in Oldenburg. I am currently teaching German to refugees in Hannover, where I live.