Confucius Institute

Fun Mandarin

This course aims to offer to children an inspiring and learner-friendly Chinese language and culture experience.


Prerequisite: none

Students:     age 7~12

Course time: 9:30am ~11:30am,every Saturday from Jan 19  to June 1, 2019,  20 classes in total

Location:     To be announced, Saint Mary's Univesity campus

Minimum enrolment: 5

Tuition:          $333 (including tax)

Registration: Please print off the Winter 2019 Fun Mandarin Registration Form , fill in the required information and send to the Confucius Institute by mail or in person.

Course Details:

 The Fun Mandarin for Youngsters course will include the following modules:


Upon successful completion of this course ,you will be able to 

•say Hello and Goodbye in Chinese
•make greetings
•introduction(name, age, nationality)
•asking for prices
•other useful topics such as family ,school and hobbies
•other useful language items such as fruits ,animals ,food,and other daily necessities
•recognize 15 simple Chinese characters

 2、Chinese culture and crafts

By connecting crafts closely with Chinese culture, children will not only have the opportunity to make Chinese knot, Chinese lanterns, Beijing Opera Mask, Chinese kites and do paper cutting, but also will learn about Chinese festivals, traditional Chinese customs manners, life in China and the relevant cultural stories.

3、Chinese painting and calligraphy

This section will teach youngsters some knowledge about Chinese traditional painting and calligraphy of some basic Chinese characters, featuring the use of brush, ink and water.