Global Media Coverage

Articles about spirituality and the workplace appear regularly in magazines and newspapers, and in on-line publications around the world. In many cases the articles provoke a response that enables us to connect with more people and expand the conversation about spirituality and work.



The Rabbi Who Believes In Zeus:  Why All Intuitions of God Are Incomplete - February 5, 2011


Workplace to Worthplace -  August, Progress Magazine Vol.17 No.4

Yes, we are wired to believe whatever we perceive - Mary Vol. 2 No. 5

Spirituality Breeds Content - February 8th

Heaven on Earth for Jews and Muslims - January 12th



Nurturing Spirituality in the Workplace - November 13th

Divine Labours- June 21st

Spirituality in the Workplace - June 12th

Heaven at Work - June 1st

Turning Fear into Optimism - March 4th

Unleashing Nova Scotia's Propsperity - February 7th



Workers' interest in spirituality and work across Canada - August 28th

Fostering good karma a touchy subject - May 24th

Spiritual leaders - A boss in touch with his inner self may do a better job - April 19th

The Separation of Church and Job - New York Times, Business Section - February 5th



Spirituality in the Workplace – An Emerging Trend - September 26th

Corner Office - The risks of giving God a seat in the boardroom - August 8th

Saint Mary's University Centre Focuses on Spirituality - June 23rd

As U.S. Grows More Spiritually Diverse, the Debate About Faith in Workplace Rages - January 6th



Spirituality Centre is Canadian first. Nothing evangelical: Saint Mary's University follows international trend - November 22nd

Finding spirituality at work: Saint Mary’s program aims to help people find a new kind of meaning in their jobs - November 21st

Connecting to the bigger picture: Work and spirituality - May 7th




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