The Centre holds various types of conferences on spirituality and work, including programs where academics, executives, and professionals can share their experiences, discover commonalities, and be exposed to new and useful resources.

Past Conference Programs

August 2004: The Road to Meaningful Work: Putting Spirituality on the Map. Program PDF

June 2005: Launching Spirituality in the Workplace.Program PDF



Introducing Students to Spirituality and Work

The Centre seeks to inspire the design and teaching of courses about spirituality and the workplace. We aim to integrate transformative learning, reflective and contemplative learning, student-centred learning, service learning, and ethical leadership throughout the curriculum. Since 2006, Saint Mary’s has offered two undergraduate courses created by David Sable, a Centre board member and part-time faculty member at the university.


Spirituality and Work

Is the emerging (or re-emerging) interest in spirituality in the workplace enabling more individual fulfillment and better decision-making or is it creating new conflicts and more exclusionary workplace practices? What influences do religious traditions and worldviews have on how we work together? The increasing globalization of business and communication, the need for more qualified immigrants to Canada, and the growing diversity of people in many workplaces is forcing re-examination of inherited attitudes and expectations about work. These changes require deep understanding of what spirituality, as the deepest source of values, can mean as workplaces change and people make choices about work, vocation, or calling. This course explores the potential, the benefits and the dangers of bringing spirituality into the workplace.

Spirituality in the Workplace

Through case studies in the literature, and guest lecturers engaging in practices that support spirituality in the workplace, students will make the connection between the theory and practical developments in real workplaces. Class seminars will explore need for spirituality in the workplace, corporate responses to that need, and the external influences shaping the future of work. Guest lecturers will contribute first-hand experience of the challenges and dilemmas facing business leaders, managers and employees seeking ways to “bring their whole selves to work.” Transformative learning exercises will enable students to explore their own responses to challenges and dilemmas around spirituality in the workplace.

Both courses are available for audit or credit, and both are available over the internet. Link to 2009 Course Calendar


“Before this course I believed that you went to work to make money, and if you didn’t want to share your beliefs you could just keep them to yourself. This course showed that we are much better off discussing the different beliefs each of us have…”  

Course Student


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