Square Roots

Ciaro Moxley

Ciaro Moxey

The world we live in produces more than enough food for everyone. The problem? Billions still go hungry every day. But in the eyes of Ciaro Moxey, Co-President of Enactus Saint Mary’s, it’s an opportunity for a clever solution.

“Everyone deserves to eat, but 1 in 5 of us still face food insecurity. That’s why Square Roots exists.”

Square Roots—an organization co-developed and supported by Enactus Saint Mary’s—aims to tackle a growing issue that affects many people across many communities: food waste and food insecurity. How do they do it? With the support of Enactus Saint Mary’s, two unique programs were developed to redirect perfectly good food from being thrown away at both the restaurant and farm levels.

With the organization’s Square Roots Bundle Service, seconds produce—fruits and veggies deemed too ugly to sell by most retailers—is purchased in bulk. After sorting, 10lb bundles are sold in over fifteen local communities via subscription. And to make sure everybody has access to the food they deserve, Square Roots employs a unique social pricing model that allows community members to pay what they can.

On the restaurant side, Square Roots created a simple cashless currency where diners exchange tokens for meals created with ingredients that might otherwise go unused.

“We’ve really tried to build programs where everybody wins” offers Moxey. “Those in need can have better access to affordable and sustainable food, while restaurants, farms, and suppliers generate revenue that would otherwise be lost”.

To learn more about Square Roots and other Enactus Saint Mary’s projects, click here.

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