Here is How

Picture of the front of the McNally Building

A passion is a remarkable thing. It’s something everyone has, yet no two are ever really the same. And because your passion is as unique as you are, your university experience and path to success will be too.

At Saint Mary’s, you’ll receive much more than an education. Here, you’ll be given an opportunity to learn in a supportive, hands-on environment that’s purpose-built to guide you on the road to future success—whichever road that might be.

So how can one university offer endless opportunity? Just ask our infinitely talented faculty, alumni, and students, or have a look below and you’ll understand right away that here is how.

Square Roots

The world we live in produces more than enough food for everyone. The problem? Billions still go hungry every day. But in the eyes of Ciaro Moxey, Co-President of Enactus Saint Mary’s, it’s an opportunity for a clever solution.

Pollution Research

Dr. Linda Campbell is a professor in the School of the Environment. And while her work might involve gold mines, the focus of her research is on something of far greater value: our aquatic ecosystems.

Archaeology Field Study

Dr. Myles McCallum is an Associate Professor in the Department of Modern Languages and Classics at Saint Mary’s. An as director of an archaeological field school in Italy, Myles understands that when it comes to unearthing exciting discoveries lost to the ages, sometimes you have to get your hands dirty.

Ocean Innovation

The fishing industry is an integral part of life on the east coast, but it faces some pretty unique challenges. Just ask Ross Arsenault, Master of Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation student and Co-Founder of Ashored Innovations.