Archaeology Field Study

Dr. Myles McCallum in a wide-brimmed hat standing in front of wood panelling

Dr. Myles McCallum

Dr. Myles McCallum is an Associate Professor in the Department of Modern Languages and Classics at Saint Mary’s. An as director of an archaeological field school in Italy, Myles understands that when it comes to unearthing exciting discoveries lost to the ages, sometimes you have to get your hands dirty.

“There’s certainly nothing tidy about it, but our work affords us an incredible glimpse into an important period of ancient history and the origins of the western historical tradition.”

In Italy, Dr. McCallum’s research takes him to The Village of Titus San—a Roman imperial estate in Lazio, just North of Rome—where his team aims to learn more about the history of the Roman conquest and imperialism, as well as the role of Imperial Estates, public land, and Imperial patronage in Rural Italy. Here, through painstaking excavation, Dr. McCallum’s team has unearthed some truly fascinating physical evidence for life in Ancient Italy. But he’s also discovered something far less tangible.

“What’s really exciting to us is the notion of bringing more to light than just physical spaces or artifacts. By studying these lost imperial estates, we’re able to uncover the way of life—and in a sense, the stories—of the common folks who lived alongside the upper crust of Roman society”.

Without the work of Dr. McCallum and his team in Italy, we wouldn’t be able to offer a voice to a voiceless group lost to the ages, and we certainly wouldn’t have the robust modern perspective of early Roman life that we have today.

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