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Santamarian Fund

Our Santamarian Fund builds on a long tradition of accessibility and student support. Contributions to the Santamarian Fund continue a legacy of generosity that connects all members of the Saint Mary’s University community. A celebration of common values, it recognizes the important role played by alumni and friends in creating extraordinary opportunities for learning; extending our commitment to student financial aid; and sustaining the special features that set Saint Mary’s apart. Contributions to the Santamarian Fund will go directly to the most pressing needs at Saint Mary’s University.

Gifts of Cash

Gifts of cash are tax deductible in the year received and donation methods include cash, visa, cheques and money orders. You will receive a tax receipt for the full amount of the gift. The tax savings could reduce the initial cost of the gift by as much as 47%*.

If you are a first-time donor, you can take advantage of a new tax credit called the First-Time Donor’s Super Credit (FDSC). It allows first-time donors to claim a 40% federal credit for donations of $200 or less, and a 54% credit for the portion of donations over $200 but not exceeding $1,000.


Pledges allow you to make a commitment to the University over a period of time based on an agreed payment schedule. Pledges also allow you to increase your support to take advantage of tax benefits over several tax years. Payments can be made in monthly or annual installments. Use the donation form [PDF] to make a pledge.

Payroll DeductionFaculty and staff members of Saint Mary’s, please complete the Faculty and Staff Payroll Deduction Form and mail to the address provided on the form or complete the online giving form and a member of the advancement team will be in contact with you to confirm your payroll deduction.

Corporate Matching Gifts

Your gift can be increased significantly if your employer or your spouse’s employer matches charitable donations. Some companies will also match a retiree’s monetary gift. Visit to see if your employer is a matching gift company.

Stocks and Securities

Publicly-listed securities donated directly to Saint Mary's University are popular gifts because of increased tax benefits introduced by the federal government in 2006. To initiate a transfer of publicly listed stocks or securities, please download the donation of securities form [PDF].

Gifts In-Kind

Gifts of real estate, equipment, books, artwork, archival materials and other properties may be considered by the university. These gifts may be eligible for a tax receipt. For more information about gifts in-kind, please contact the Development Office at 1-888-SMU-GIVE (768-4483).

Residents of the United States

Saint Mary's University is fortunate to have the support of many alumni and friends in the United States. U.S. residents and U.S.-based organizations can make their gifts to the Friends of Saint Mary's University (FSMUI), which is a U.S. charitable organization. Gifts to FSMUI are tax deductible for U.S. tax purposes. Download the US donation form‌ [PDF] or contact our Development Office.


We would be happy to sit down with you to discuss opportunities to support Saint Mary’s University. Please contact the Development Office at 1-888-SMU-GIVE (768-4483) or

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