Adel Merabet, Ph.D

 Associate Professor

 Division of Engineering

 Saint Mary's University

 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

 Adjunct Professor

 Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

 Dalhousie University

 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada



   Laboratory of Control Systems and Mechatronics




Laboratory of Control Systems and Mechatronics is a research laboratory of the Division of Engineering at Saint Mary's University, centered in mechatronics engineering and technology, offering a broad range of research opportunities in automation, control and energy conversion systems.

Currently, the laboratory is concerned with the development of advanced control and power management systems for renewable energy conversion systems such as wind solar to enhance their capability of optimum power extraction while operating at all regimes and in hybrid mode with storage systems. Also, it will contribute to provide high performance solutions to a wide variety of problems in renewable energy.

The laboratory is committed to finding innovative, cost-effective solutions in the area of control systems related to renewable energy systems (wind, solar and hybrid). Control design and prototyping for wind and solar energy conversion systems are investigated through emulation at laboratory scale for test and validation under complex load conditions.

Note: If you are interested in graduate studies (MSc in Applied Science, PhD) in areas of control systems, please contact Dr. Merabet at (



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