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Tristram Stuart is an award winning English author, campaigner, and environmental activist. Following the success of publishing his first book in 2006, The Bloodless Revolution which detailed the history of radical vegetarianism, Tristram went on to publish another book detailing the effects of food waste; Waste: Uncovering the Global Food Scandal. Tristram is a strong activist in preventing food waste, and founded the environmental charity Feedback, which is focused on improving the global environmental impact of food. Feedback hosts a campaigning event centered on the global food waste scandal, which is known as Feeding the 5000. This initiative works to highlight the effects of food waste, as well as to inform locals of the global food waste scandal. Tristram has later gone on to perform his own TED Talk in 2012 regarding the waste of food across our globe, and has launched his own beer; Toast Ale, made using unsold bread from local bakeries, as well as crusts unused by sandwich shops.