2018 Keynote Speaker



Tristram Stuart

Founder, Feedback, Toast Ale

Tristram Stuart is an award winning English author, campaigner, and environmental activist. Following the success of publishing his first book in 2006, The Bloodless Revolution which detailed the history of radical vegetarianism, Tristram went on to publish another book detailing the effects of food waste; Waste: Uncovering the Global Food Scandal. Tristram is a strong activist in preventing food waste, and founded the environmental charity Feedback, which is focused on improving the global environmental impact of food. Feedback hosts a campaigning event centered on the global food waste scandal, which is known as Feeding the 5000. This initiative works to highlight the effects of food waste, as well as to inform locals of the global food waste scandal. Tristram has later gone on to perform his own TED Talk in 2012 regarding the waste of food across our globe, and has launched his own beer; Toast Ale, made using unsold bread from local bakeries, as well as crusts unused by sandwich shops.


2018 Master Class Instructors

Matt Wowchuk

Founder, North Keg

Matt is the Managing Partner of North Keg, a beer keg lease-to-own business. Matt has founded two companies, was an active member of the entrepreneurship community during his time in Halifax and was inducted into the Order of the Entrepreneurship at Saint Mary’s University. Since pursuing North Keg full-time, Matt has been the driving force in growing North Keg to a widely adopted option for Canadian Craft Brewers to build their keg float.





Max Alway-Townsend

Founder, Jobalo

Max is the 18-year-old founder of Jobalo, a platform that connects high school students with valuable work experience. Jobalo matches students with local part-time jobs, internships, contract and volunteering opportunities. He has raised 2 pre-seed rounds, is working out of a startup accelerator, and currently raising a venture-backed seed round. Max enjoys reading, investing and playing basketball in his free time. His flourishes in leadership, finance, and creative roles. Max also is a Senior at East Chapel Hill High School in North Carolina, USA.





Sheena Russell

Co-Founder, Made with Local

Sheena is co-founder of Made with Local, a socially-conscious snack food venture based out of Dartmouth, NS. She has been building MwL since 2012, and today is lucky enough to spend her time bouncing back and forth between PEI and here in NS, with her husband & toddler. In addition to leading MwL to reach its true potential, she is committed to inspiring people to think about LOVE as an essential nutrient in their foods.





Chris Campbell

Founder, A Million Moving Parts

Decades of creation, collaboration, and play led Chris Campbell to start A Million Moving Parts. A Halifax-based business that provides content creation for social media, websites, and mixed media marketing. Along the way, Chris studied Cultural Studies at Trent University and enrolled in Radio, Television, Broadcast Journalism at NSCC - But mostly he was doing his own thing. Designing posters for musician friends, hosting radio shows, filming segments for comedians and actors, performing stand-up, writing for films and commercials, and directing live stage events from Ontario to Halifax.

Never a fan of the nine-to-five, Chris' entrepreneurial mantra is "Make It Work For You". 










Tash Jefferies

Co-Founder, Hirekind.io

Tash Jefferies is the Co-Founder of Hirekind.io, a Diversity and Inclusion hiring technology company. She is also a Digital and Social Media Strategist and mentor to both 500 Startups and Runway incubators (San Francisco). Her additional accolades and titles include Best-Selling Author, Top 50 Health Tweeter according to The Huffington Post, TV Show Producer Writer and Host. She splits her time between her hometown of Halifax Nova Scotia, and California.





Hai Hu

Co-Founder, Skyline

Dr. Hai Hu is the CEO and Co-founder of Orgrimmar Tech. Inc. Nova Scotia, also known as Skyline. He holds a doctor’s degree in software engineering and has been an entrepreneur since 2014 in the area of enterprise software and smart retail. Hai and his team graduate from Alchemist Accelerator at Silicon Valley in 2015 and moved to Halifax through the Startup Visa Program in 2016. Currently Hai and his team works from Volta Labs on smart retail solutions that aims to provide personalized shopping experience to customers of brick and mortar retailers.





Kena Paranjape

Co-Founder, BRIKA

Kena is the Co-Founder and Crafter of Brand at BRIKA.  She is a marketer, merchandiser, writer and the creative force behind the company.  After earning an MBA from the Rotman School of Management, she created merchandising strategies for Old Navy, Banana Republic, Joe Fresh and a high-end eco-friendly lifestyle concept shop



Brian Stever

Co-Host, Sickboy Podcast

Brian Stever is a co-host and producer of Sickboy Podcast, a popular comedy podcast that aims to change the way that humans talk about illness. Along with his two best friends, Taylor MacGillivary and Jeremie Saunders, the trio turned their passion project into a social enterprise that’s quickly becoming a household name.


Brian formerly worked in Dubai for a corporate training company and attributes much of his own success to the skills he learned from helping other organizations perform better. Brian believes that team performance is not only necessary for success, but it’s also integral to excel.


In addition to podcasting, Brian also runs his own real estate business, and coaches sprint canoeing.






Stefanie MacDonald

Owner, Halifax Paper Hearts

Stefanie owns and operates Halifax Paper Hearts, a graphic design studio featured in Forbes, the Financial Post, the Huffington Post and other international publications, for their inclusive and thoughtful greeting card designs. Halifax Paper Hearts makes note cards, prints and maps with love, care and salty air on the East Coast of Canada. Their products are carried in over 100 retail boutiques across Canada.







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