Institute for Computational Astrophysics

"Population Nucleosynthesis"

Thursday 30th September, 2004, 4pm
McNally Main, Room MM310

Population Synthesis

Dr. Robert Izzard
Carolune Institute for Quality Astronomy (CIQuA)

Synthetic stellar evolution methods enable the modelling of a single or binary star system from birth to death in a fraction of a second, about 10,000,000 times quicker than traditional stellar evolution models. With synthetic models populations of stars can be constructed and large parameter spaces explored. I shall describe my attempts to include nucleosynthesis in these models, including descriptions of hot bottom burning and third dredge-up in Asymptotic Giant Branch stars. I shall also describe the work I am doing here regarding helium burning in AGB intershell regions, AGB stellar yields and their relation to nuclear reaction rate uncertainties (assuming I can get it working by the talk...).