Institute for Computational Astrophysics

"Holding Footpoints to the Fire: The Fluid-dynamic"

Wednesday 11th August, 2004

Holding Footpoints to the Fire: The Fluid-dynamics of Protoplanet-Disk Interactions

Dr. Adam Frank
Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of Rochester

Planets are born in the accretion disks that play a critical role in assembling stars. In this talk I review how newly formed planets interact with the host disk. The hydro/magnetohydro-dynamics of the interaction leads to potentially observable disk phenomena such as gaps, inner holes and spiral waves. I will present new results from a campaign of simulation based studies focusing on the structure of gaps and waves in disks driven by embedded Porto-planets. In addition to the theoretical work I will also focus on new results from Spitzer which highlight the importance of disk observations in studies of planet formation and evolution.