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Previous Images of the Month - 2010


December 2010

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This is a plot of the ratio of the surface temperature, in units of the temperature at the equator, for rotating Zero Age Main Sequence models of stars rotating at approximately 90% of critical rotation (at which the centrifugal force balances gravity). The surface temperature ratios are presented for four masses – 1.625 (lowest curve), 2, 3, and 8 M8. Models at “constant rotation” were required to have the same surface shape, which is not quite the same as scaling the rotation rate divided by the critical rotation rate. When rotation is defined by constant surface shape, many features scale as the surface temperature distribution with latitude does.

The calculations of the rotating star structure were performed at the ICA by Robert Deupree using his 2D stellar structure and evolution code, ROTORC.

November 2010

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"Flight Over a Virtual Universe"

Photo by Dr. Rob Thacker

An image of the distribution of gas in a slice of model universe colour code by temperature (red hot, blue cold) which was run using the HYDRA SPH-AP3M code, on 256 processors at the University of Alberta computing centre. Every dot is a galaxy.

This simulation was performed in collaboration with Evan Scannapieco (Arizona State U.) and Hugh Couchman (McMaster University).

The visualization was performed using the "Splotch" package by Klaus Dolag on Dr. Thacker's cluster in the ICA.