Institute for Computational Astrophysics

ACENET Computer Clusters

ACEnetImage1ACENET has four primary clusters for researchers in Atlantic Canada, all accessible to ICA members. These are one serial only cluster, one Myranet MPI cluster, and two Infiniband OpenMP and MPI clusters. The software tool suite on each of the clusters is extensive, and all these clusters run Linux. More detailed information can be obtained from ACENET. Any ACENET user can access any of the ACENET clusters.

  • Brasdor is a 1152 core (2 or 4 cores per node) Opteron processor cluster essentially dedicated to serial processing. There are 1 or 2 Gbytes of RAM per core.
  • Mahone is a 560 core (4 cores per note) Opteron processor cluster designed mostly for MPI parallel computing. The interconnects are Myranet 2G and 10G, and there are 4 or 16 Gbytes of RAM per core.
  • Placentia and Fundy have 4, 8, or 16 cores per node and have 2312 and 623 total cores, respectively. They have up to 16 Gbytes of RAM per core and have Infiniband interconnects. These clusters can be used for both OpenMP and MPI applications.

ACENET is a regional partner of Compute Canada.

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Dr. Robert Deupree, ICA Director, and Mr. Greg Lukeman, ACENET CTO, in the SMU ACENET space.