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Residence Student Volunteer Program (RSVP)

RSVP students in a kitchen

Emma Sept 26

How Do I Sign Up?

Step 1 - Volunteer Opportunties Chart 

Look through a list of upcoming volunteer opportunities to find one that best suits you: RSVP Fall 2017

Step 2 - Declaration of Committment Form & On-Point Volunteering Form
Once you have chosen a volunteer opportunity from our Volunteer Opportunities Chart it is time to sign a Declaration of Commitment Form. By signing this form you are officially committing to attending and performing the duties of that specific opportunity. After you complete the form, drop it off at the Centre for Housing and Residence Life.
Is your volunteer opportunity an On-Point Volunteer Association opportunity, as indicated in registration details on the opportunities chart? If so, be sure you fill out the one-time volunteer membership form and send it to
You're all finished - your next step is to go to your volunteer opportunity! See our RSVP FAQ section to make sure you are prepared for your Volunteer Opportunity.
RSVP Rewards
Hopefully by volunteering in our community you have already had many rewarding experiences, but we want to reward you a little more!
Level 1: After 10 RSVP volunteer hours, you receive a RSVP T-shirt
Level 2: After 20 RSVP volunteer hours, you receive an invite to submit hours to your Co-Curricular Record
Level 3: After 30 RSVP volunteer hours, you can request a personalized letter of recommendation from the
                   Programming & Engagement Coordinator
The resident student who accumulates the most volunteer hours will win the RSVP Volunteer Award, which will be handed out during the Annual Residence Banquet in March!


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