Campus Life


1. What is RSVP?

RSVP stands for Residence Student Volunteer Program which encourages and provides a variety of one- time, short-term volunteer opportunities for all residence students. By being a RSVP participant you will be: helping those in need, encouraging others to get involved, solving problems, meeting friends, supporting a group you believe in, and so much more. By making a small commitment to RSVP you will not only have fun but also gain new: skills, connections, experiences, improve job prospects; the benefits are endless.

2. What is the difference between RSVP & the CCR?

(a) The Co-Curricular Record (CCR) is an official document that recognizes students’ accomplishments in out-of-class activities and reinforces scholarship, graduate school and employment application packages.  The CCR database has over 600 recognized on-campus activities for you to choose from and track.  Hours that you will accumulate as a participant at the RSVP will be verified with the Programing & Engagement Coordinator and documented on your CCR.  To find out more please visit the CCR website or email your questions directly to Alex Krimer at

(b) RSVP is a program that is designed to offer residence students with unique volunteer opportunities both on and off campus, where the Programing & Engagement Coordinator compiles and verifies all your volunteer hours. Since your hours will be verified by a Saint Mary’s official an RSVP participant may bundle small multiple volunteer activities together and when they reach at least 20 hours or more, they will be invited to record their RSVP hours on their CCR. This special partnership disiniquishes RSVP from other volunteer opportunities.

3. How many volunteer organizations will I be working with?

RSVP provides a number of volunteer opportunities from various organizations and you choose how many volunteer organizations you want to work with, depending upon your interests.

4. How many hours per week do I need to volunteer to be in RSVP?

You are not expected to volunteer a certain number of hours per week. However, you are required to make a minimum combined commitment of five, per term (e.g. Five hours would be expected for fall term. Five hours are expected for winter term and so forth). 

5. Is there an RSVP volunteer commitment cancellation policy?

Remember, the organization to which you have committed your time will be counting on you. However, if you can’t make your volunteer commitment, 72 hours’ notice is required by email, to the Programing & Engagement Coordinator - whose email you can find on People Search under Residence. 

6. How many hours do I need verified before I can submit a request for an RSVP reference form from the Programing & Engagement Coordinator?

You need to volunteer for at least 30 hours in order to be eligible to submit a letter of reference request form to the Programing & Engagement Coordinator. 

7. How do I obtain a request for an RSVP reference form?

You obtain a request for reference form by picking one up at the Centre for Housing & Residence Life from Monday to Friday from 9-5 p.m. You must also provide the Programing & Engagement Coordinator with two weeks’ notice to complete the form. 

8. I am a SMU student but do not live in residence; can I still participate in a volunteer opportunity?

Yes, you can still participate in a volunteer opportunity. However, your hours will not be verified. 

9. Will this program continue through the summer months?

The Residence Student Volunteer Program does continue throughout the summer - but with less opportunities available. 

10. Can my volunteer hours with another unaffiliated organization count towards my RSVP hours?

Unfortunately, any volunteer hours that you accumulate with an unaffiliated organization cannot count towards your RSVP hours because they will not be verified by the Programing & Engagement Coordinator. 

11. Will participating in RSVP assist me in gaining on-campus employment?

Participating in RSVP will provide you with valuable hands-on experience which could possibly lead to campus employment.  However, we cannot guarantee, nor offer any campus employment.