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“Participating in events and programs has truly enriched my first year in residence. I have created new, life-long friendships that I might’ve never made if I didn’t go.”

– Sarah Haynes (First Year student)


“Upstander training was effective in providing strategies to help identify situations that may lead to sexual violence, and strategies on how to prevent these situations from taking shape.”

-Madison Kieffer (First year student) 




“The events and programs at SMU have enhanced my experience by providing both fun events that I could enjoy with friends as well as learning experiences that will help me at university and beyond. These events are the most influential factor in my decision to stay in residence for all four years at university. “

-Eveline Hipson (Second year student)  


“SMU Residence truly makes you belong to a community. You are never alone and there are always people that you can talk to.”

-Shreetee Devi (First year student) 



“Residence has been the best part of university for me. It was in residence that I met my best friends, napped between classes, and gained valuable skills through my role of Residence Assistant during my second and third years on residence. I always appreciated the fact that Saint Mary’s campus is located within one city block – it made getting to classes from residence much easier through the walkways connecting all academic university buildings, especially on rainy and snowy days! I highly recommend living in residence, especially for first year students. I know off-campus students have regretted losing the opportunity to meet friends through living in residence and being a part of the community here.”

-Thene Cress (Fourth Year Student)


"What most students don't understand about living in Residence is the community among your peers that is easily achievable if you are willing to involve yourself.  While in residence you live with roughly 1200 other students, and having the opportunity to meet so many people through both being a student and an employee through the university has given me an entirely different perspective on campus lifestyle, as well as the people skills that will be considered an advantage in years to come!"

-Student Unknown



"I highly encourage everyone to experience life in residence at Saint Mary's University."

-Craig Passmore (Third Year Student)


“Residence programs helped me gain a sense of family and belonging while living in residence, and helped me see Saint Mary’s University as not only a ‘place of residence’ but also a home.”

-Frejhan Jn Baptiste (First Year Student)