The Counselling Centre

Saint Mary’s Counselling Centre Presents: The Resilience Series.

This is a 4-part series focusing on specific skills that can help to support your ability to bounce back from challenges and deal with difficult situations in University and beyond.

Location: McNally East Rm 111.

Attendees to each session will be put into a draw for prizes. Attend multiple sessions to increase your chances to win! Prizes include: SMU Hoodie, SMU T-Shirt and 25$ Tim’s Card.

Description of topics covered:

A) Distress Tolerance strategies are so helpful. They allow us to sit with and accept an uncomfortable or stressful situation, without creating a bigger problem; until we are in the right mind-state to be able to effectively deal with the cause of our distress.

B) Interpersonal Effectiveness is about explaining how you feel and what you believe about a situation. Often, we expect other people to know what we’re feeling or for them to be able to mind-read our beliefs about a situation. This can lead us to feel frustrated or invalidated.

C) When we are talking about Mindfulness we are talking about being 100% focused on what is happening in that moment and focusing on that experience with openness, interest and receptiveness. Mindfulness is about paying attention to a situation, on purpose, and without judgement.

D) Emotion Regulation teaches us to work towards being able to identify and understand our emotions, reduce our vulnerability to these emotional states, and increase the likelihood of experiencing helpful and rewarding emotions which fit with our values.

Please provide us your e-mail to sign-up for the series and specify which sessions you are interested in attending.

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This series focuses on 4 connected but equally important topics: