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Saint Mary's University has a long history of academic and athletic excellence. The Saint Mary's University Curling Club was formed for the first time in the Fall of 2007 for the purpose of participating in the National Championships. In 2008, Canadian Interuniversity Sport and the Canadian Curling Association joined forces to sponsor a national championship to determine a team to represent Canada in the World University games.

SMU Curling also have coaches that coached in Nova Scotia Provincial Championship, Canadian National Championship and International/World Championships who hold a level 3 coaching from the CCA.

Teams are made up of athletes that have represented their province at a provincial, national or international level.

Students participating in Curling are able to balance academics and athletics. Curling is a recognized Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS).



                Saint Mary’s University Varsity Curling Roster 2018-2019


Position                                                                           Name                                                                     Men's Team

SKIP                                                                      Adam Cocks                                                             



THIRD                                                    (Tor) Herman Suther                        



SECOND                                                          Graeme Weagle                  


LEAD                                                                    Scott Graham                                                           




ALTERNATE                                                          Max Kessler                                       




                                                Women's Team


SKIP                                                                      Julie Carson                                                   



THIRD                                                               Taylor Fulmore                                                        





SECOND                                                           Megan Hodnett                                                    



LEAD                         Lauren Pellerine                 



ALTERNATE                                                   Caroline Korytko                




  Bill Fletcher (    



Randy Cocks (    

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Further information on the University Curling Championships can be obtained at:

Please activate your student SMUfit membership pass (forms below) in order to belong to a Sport Club team.