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Saint Mary’s University Sport Hall of Fame & Heritage Centre


Frank Yakimchuk - Football

Mark Locken - Hockey

Brian Thompson - Basketball

These 3 individuals were Inducted on Saturday, October 13th.

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The Saint Mary's University Sport Hall of Fame & Heritage Centre recognizes those individuals who have made a significant contribution to the athletic programmes at Saint Mary's, and who, as a result of this contribution, have enhanced the image and reputation of the institution.

In celebration of the rich tradition and heritage of sport and recreation at Saint Mary's University, the Sport Hall of Fame and Heritage Centre was founded in 1995.

For close to two hundred years, students, faculty and staff have shared a sport tradition as athletes, builders and teams. The Santamarians, the Times, and the Journal record vivid and exciting chapters of this aspect of university life.

The deadline for submission of Nominations to the Saint Mary's University Sport Hall of Fame is March 31st of each year.  If you know of a deserving individual worthy of Induction into the Hall, please take the time to nominate them.

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Loans or Donations

Any loans, donations, photos or sports memorabilia for use in the Heritage Centre are greatly appreciated.

Please visit the Saint Mary's Archives, Patrick Power Library

If you have any pictures for the Hall of Fame please send them by email to or drop them off at the Homburg Centre to Patsy Calbury.