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Entry Deadline: Friday, September 15, 2018
Begins: September 18 2018 to October 30 2018
Days & Times: Tuesdays - 8:30pm to midnight
Mandatory Team Rep Meeting:
Coordinator Name: Andrew Fitzpatick
Coordinator Contact:


League Coordinator



  • Games are 9 innings.  Each team get 3 outs per inning.
  • When playing defence, teams can have a maximum of 9 players. The  minimum number of players is 6. 
  • MUST be 1 member of each sex on the field at all times. If a team does not meet the requirements at the start of the game, they forfeit. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • 5 run rule for every inning except the last.
  • You pitch to your own team.
  • There is a 3 pitch count. 
  • No sliding or you are out.
  • No lead offs or you are out.
  • Aluminum Bats or Wood bats ONLY!!
  • Ball landing on the track is a ground rule double, if it clears the track is a home run.
    • Any batted ball that rolls into the movable seats is also a ground rule double.
    • Any batted ball that hits the Goalposts in Centre Field will be considered a ground rule single.
    • Runners advance one base.
  • If the pitcher touches the ball when it is hit into play, the batter is out, and base runners return to the base they were at before the play.
  • There is a 10 run mercy rule. The losing team has one last at bat to close the gap. If they don't, the game ends. (10runs = ok, 11=game over)
  • No bunting or you are out.
  • Over throws get one base.
  • Home plate is a force out. No Tag.
  • DO NOT TOUCH home plate or the runner is out. Will only be enforced on plays at the plate.
  • A forfeit will be applied if a team needs to borrow a player and/or have less than 6 players.
  • Respect all officials and their calls.
  • If there is knowledge of a no-show please contact the Sport Coordinator as soon as possible, so the competing team can be made aware.
  • The Team Captain is responsible to inform his or her teammates of when they play.
  • All players and officials MUST treat each other with respect at all times
  • INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOUR WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. If there is any pushing or excessive fouls - a team can be removed from the court and suffer an automatic loss.
  • Any fighting will result in the removal of the entire team for which the players involved are part of.
  • VIOLATIONS will result in removal from the league and/or all Intramural Sports.

SMUfit Memberships are MANDATORY for all Intramural participants.

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