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Entry Deadline: Friday, September 15, 2018
Begins: September 16 2018 to November 18 2018
Days & Times: Sundays, 6pm to midnight (except Oct 7, Nov 11)
Mandatory Team Rep Meeting:
Coordinator Name: Ryan Fraccaro
Coordinator Contact:


League Coordinator





∙ There is a maximum of 15 players per team roster.

∙ All players in the game must be on the team roster for their respective teams.

∙ In the event of a booking, if a player is found to have deceived the referee about their identity then they will be expelled from the league.

∙ Severe incident reports will be discussed with the organizers by the referee before a discussion is made regarding the severity of punishment, eg. Multiple game suspensions

∙ Dismissals for Violent Conduct will result in a minimal 1 game suspension, which could increase pending approval from the Program Coordinator

∙ If a particular team is receiving a troublesome amount of cautions and dismissals, they will be warned by the league and risk being entirely disqualified if the situation is not resolved quickly and effectively.

∙ Seven (8) players a side: Six (7) and a goalie. There must be at least two girls rostered on the team and at least two girls playing on the field at all times. 

∙ Varsity soccer players can’t participate.

∙ Alumni can participate with a full SMUfit Membership.

∙ All teams must show up 15 minutes prior to game time. If a team is late, game time will be shortened accordingly.

∙ If a team does not show up 10 minutes after game time, an automatic forfeit is applied.

∙ In the event of a tie, goal difference will be considered, and then goals scored and then head to head if it were still unresolved.

∙ Any variety of playing the ball while on the ground (including slide tackles) will be prohibited during the indoor season for the sake of safety on the court.

∙ There will be no direct kicks, other than penalty kicks.

∙ Goalies must be distinguishable from the players on both teams, and teams must be distinguishable from eachother

∙ Tie games are acceptable outcomes until finals games.

∙ Three (3) points per win are allocated, Tie – 1 and Loss – 0.

∙ All free kicks are indirect. Players must stand minimum 5 yards from where foul was committed, or at a distance designated by an official.

∙ When running on schedule a game will include two 20-minute halves with a 5-minute rest period in between. If running late, half time will be cut accordingly, and game time may also be cut when it is necessary to get back on schedule.

∙ Games will be played in full gymnasium, and players are expected to wear court shoes, indoor soccer cleats, or decent sneakers. No cleats!

∙ A forfeit will be applied if a team has less than 5 players present.

∙ Respect all officials and their calls. No swarming the officials, and attempted deceptions (eg. Diving) will be cautioned as they are unsporting behaviour.

∙ If there is knowledge of a no-show please contact the Sport Coordinator as soon as possible, so the competing team can be made aware.

∙ In the event that a team is suspect of using players who are not rostered, the ref may be asked to confirm the players eligibility using the roster document, and unrostered players are prohibited from participating in games.

∙ 3 no-shows and your team will be disqualified (at the discretion of the Coordinator).

∙ The Team Captain is responsible to inform his or her teammates of when they play, and as well is responsible for controlling their behaviour on the court to some extent. If players are swarming the official, the official is expected to caution as he sees fit, and then address the captain to control his teammates. Future incidents of such things (like swarming) may then result in cautions and/or dismissal of the captain, at the discretion of the referee.

∙ All players and officials MUST treat each other with respect at all times

∙ INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOUR WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Violent conduct, extreme cases of unsporting behaviour, excessiveness of force in play will all result in immediate dismissal, and if any of these kinds of things are too prevalent, the official is obliged to abandon the game for the safety of the players and include a report of the mass confrontation and/or whatever other incidents for review by league coordinators.

∙ Any fighting will be brought to the attention of Program Coordinator to assess the severity of the punishment for the individual and their team

∙ The yelling of things onto the field or at other players will be cautioned by the referee at his discretion, even if it is in a language he can’t understand. Yelling is considered unsporting behaviour in many instances, but calling teammates by names and requesting passes and etc that relates directly to playing the game is all permissible.

∙ VIOLATIONS of these rules may result in cautions, dismissals, suspensions, and/or disqualifications for players or entire teams from the league and/or all Intramural Sports, depending on the severity of the incident. All major transgressions must be recorded by the referee on the game sheet, and special incident reports must also be created whenever applicable.


SMUfit Memberships are MANDATORY for all Intramural participants.

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