Athletics & Recreation

Outdoor Ultimate Frisbee

Entry Deadline: Friday, September 15, 2018
Begins: September 17, 2018 to November 19, 2018
Days & Times: Mondays, 8:30 pm to midnight
Mandatory Team Rep Meeting:
Coordinator Name: Saya Toma
Coordinator Contact:


League Coordinator




* Maximum of 14 players per team.

* All players must be on team roster.

* Seven (7) players per side.

* Three (3) points per win are awarded. One (1) point for a tie. Zero (0) points for a loss.

* Games are two, 20-minute halves with a 5-minute half time. Teams should arrive 15 minutes before their game. If a team is late, the halves will be shortened.

* If a team does not show up 10 minutes after the game time, an automatic forfeit is applied.

* The game is started by a “throw-off” by the home team. Each team begins in their own end zone, and the home team throws the disc to the away team.

* Once the disc is caught (by the throw-off or by a normal pass) the attacking player has 10 SECONDS to throw the disc again. The defender who is currently guarding the attacker shall count out loud to 10 seconds.

* Players may not move while they have the disc; they can only pivot (like basketball). When the receiving player catches the disc, they must come to a stop as quickly as possible.

* One (1) point is scored when the disc is successfully thrown and caught inside of the defending team’s end zone. The receiving player cannot catch the disc and run into the end zone.

* After a score, the scoring team restarts play with a throw-off to the other team.

* There is to be NO CONTACT during play. If the defending team makes contact with the attacking team, a foul is called and the disc is reset from the spot of the foul. Only the player who was fouled may call the foul.

* If a player catches the disc outside of the end zone and runs in, a foul is called and the defending team gets the disc on their own end zone.

* If the attacking team is fouled in the defending team’s end zone, the attacking team gets the disc 5 yards outside of the end zone (or where the disc was thrown, whichever is closer).

* If the pass is not successful, by means of dropping, knocking away, intercepting, etc., it is a turnover, and the defending team gets possession from the spot of the incompletion.

* Teams may only substitute after a score, during an injury time-out, or during halftime.

* There is no “actual” referee; players will officiate themselves. If there is disagreement, the play will go back to where the disc was last thrown.

* A forfeit is called if a team needs to borrow a player and/or has less than 4 players.

* If there is knowledge of a no-show, please inform the Coordinator as soon as possible so that the competing team(s) can be made aware.

* The team captain is responsible for informing his/her team when to play.

* Treat all players with respect at all times.

* INNAPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. If there is any pushing or excessive fouls, a team can be removed from the field and suffer an automatic loss.

* Any fighting will result in the removal of the entire team for which the players are involved with.

* Violations will result in removal from the league and/or all Intramural sports.

SMUfit Memberships are MANDATORY for all Intramural participants.

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