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Club Executives 2019-2020

Shelby Macdonald - President

Jordan MacKenzie - Vice President

Mary Rice - Secretary 

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Team Standing

High Point Champion with Da AC Winning ReserveTeam Score - 24 points

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Individual Scores

Lindsay’s Scott - 2nd place open equitation

Shelby Macdonald- 4th place intermediate over fences and 1st place intermediate equitation

Jordan MacKenzie - 1st place novice over fences and 1st place novice equitation

Holly Bumstead- 2nd place Beginner w/t equitation

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About The Team

The objective of the Saint Mary’s Equestrian Team is to provide students with the opportunity to engage in horse related activities while completing their studies. We aim to bring students with a common interest in horses together, regardless of skill or experience level. SMU Equestrian is committed to developing its competitive team and the circuit known as the Atlantic Intercollegiate Equestrian League (AIEL).  

Currently there are 5 schools that compete on the AIEL circuit. These include Saint Mary's, Dalhousie, Acadia,   St. FX, and the Dalhousie Agricultural College. All shows are judged on a hunter equitation style of riding. The rule book is based on that of the International Horse Show Association (IHSA, see below). 

Types of membership include Executive, Active, Competitive Team and general membership (for those who are either part-time students, exchange students or alumni). There are 7 executive positions available for those students wishing to get more involved and add something to their resumé. Executive positions are voted in at the beginning of the year. Some positions, such as the President, will be voted in at the end of the last academic year. Other positions include Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Competitive Team Representative, Show Coordinator, and Fundraising Coordinator. 

We operate throughout the academic school year and competitions take place year round. Lessons are available to all members, whether or not they wish to compete. Our club also hosts social events such as movie nights, potlucks, and recreational trail rides. We organize academic gatherings throughout the year, for example, study groups and text books exchanges. 

To find out more information about membership for students or alumni, upcoming events, or for any other inquiries please email: 

Please e-mail

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Scholarship Opportunities

If you are a recent grad from high school and are passionate, alongside love riding horses check out the Scholarships available for you.

Though applicants have to be a recent grad from high school and not be a transfer student.

Goman Memorial Equestrian Scholarship

  • Application Required: Yes, using the Named Entrance Award application form (learn more)
  • Criteria / Description: Awarded annually to a full-time undergraduate student at Saint Mary's University who is actively involved in an equestrian program (preference will be given to students entering their first year of studies). This encompasses dressage, other disciplines of horseback riding, as well as teaching and volunteering, in that order of preference. The recipient must also demonstrate satisfactory academic achievement (75% average from high school). If there is no eligible entering student, the award may be given to a continuing student who demonstrates an active association with an equestrian program as well as satisfactory academic achievement (3.0 QPA).
  • Faculty / Discipline: All
  • Annual Value (Approx): $1,400
  • Number of Awards: 1
  • Renewable: No

SMUSA Larry Uteck Scholarship

  • Application Required: Yes, using the Named Entrance Award application form (learn more)
  • Criteria / Description: Open to any high school student applying to Saint Mary's University who has demonstrated commitment to extracurricular activities; letter of recommendation from Guidance Counselor and/or teacher; high academic standing in high school (85+ average). In order to maintain the scholarship during post secondary studies the successful student must: maintain academic GPA of 3.5; be an active member of either the intramural program organized by the athletic department; be an active member within any society or student government.
  • Faculty / Discipline: Varsity Athletics
  • Annual Value (Approx): $3,000
  • Number of Awards: 4
  • Renewable: Yes (See Criteria)

Online Application available at:

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Team Fees

Club Entry Fee: $25
Lessons: $46 per class
Average cost per month: $184 plus additional gas charges as the team will provide their own transportation to lessons, team events, and competitions.

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A lesson program is available for riders who are not already taking lessons with their own coach. The lessons are held at Todd Hill Farms in Oakfield, Nova Scotia (about a 45 minute drive from the South End of Halifax). Lesson spaces are limited and priority is given to those with prior riding experience. The cost of lessons is $46 per lesson, plus other expenses like gas.

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As a member of the Atlantic Intercollegiate Equestrian League (AIEL), our team competes against teams from Dalhousie, Acadia, StFX, and Dal AC. Several of these teams host shows throughout the school year. Riders hoping to show must be taking lessons regularly either through the team or with another coach. It is also required that all riders who show have a valid NSEF membership for insurance purposes. Divisions included at these shows are: Beginner Walk/Trot

Beginner Walk/Trot/Canter

Advanced Walk/Trot/Canter

Novice Flat

Novice Over Fences

Intermediate Flat

Intermediate Over Fences

Open Flat

Open Over Fences

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Tentative Show Dates

Show dates

  • October 6, 2019 hosted by UPEI, Loation TBD, PEI
  • October 20, 2019 hosted by Acadia, Location Rohanwood, Aylesford NS
  • October 27, 2019 hosted by Dalhouise, Location Owls Ridge, Seaforth NS
  • November 17, 2019 hosted by Acadia, Location Creekside, Antigonish NS
  • January 19, 2020 hosted by Dalhouise AC, Location Todd Hill, Enfield NS
  • February 9, 2020, hosted by SMU, Location Owls Ridge, Seaforth NS
  • March 2020, hosted by MSVU, Date and Loaction TBD

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