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The cheerleading team is very proud of the accomplishments of its athletes this year. We finished the year with a championship banner at CheerExpo Nationals. Our athletes are determined to persevere in the advancement of their skills throughout the year. Whether higher jumps or executing flawless stunts, the talent of the athletes have improved tremendously. 
We would also like to congratulate all the athletes who graduated this year!
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2018-2019 Club Executives

Jocelyn Lambier - President

Robin Graham - Vice President

Veronica Caballero - Secretary

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About The Club
Cheerleading has evolved over the past few years. The sport has transformed to high-performance skills and gymnastics. Each athlete who makes the team has been recruited on the basis of expertise, experience and dedication to the team. At SMU Cheer we believe that each athlete is unique in his or her own way. Our team is co-ed and athlete experience ranges.
With a passion for school spirit, our mission as the Saint Mary's University cheerleading team is to maintain a philosophy of assisting athletes in reaching their highest potential in a positive and safe environment. SMU cheerleading fosters fitness, health, and fun through recreational and competitive programs. We get the crowd enthusiastic and energized as we cheer on our athletic teams.

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Tryout Process

The dates for the 2019-2020 season tryouts is to be determined. The process will consist of a variety of cheerleading skill assessments and athletic ability evaluations, which include, but are not limited to, endurance, strength, jumps, and flexibility tests. Coaches are looking for hard working athletes who demonstrate potential, willingness to accept direction, mindfulness to safety, and a desire to contribute to a positive team environment. Cheerleading experience is an asset; however, dedication and willingness to learn act as an attribute. A short dance and cheer will be taught at tryouts. Athletes will be scored on technique and overall performance. There will be limited stunting at tryouts.

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Coach Information

Monique Johnson - Head Coach (

Monique (Mo) has been involved with SMU Cheerleading since 2005. She was a member of the team for three years before she started coaching. Mo has a USASF Level 5 and a Nova Scotia Club Cheerleading (NSCC) certification. She coached Dartmouth Cheer Force (DCF) Thunder L3 from 2008-2010 and was a member of DCF Heat L6 for four years (2006-10). Monique is currently a member of Cheer Extreme Crimson L6 and the Vice President and Communicator for Cheer Nova Scotia.

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Attendance Policy

SMU cheerleading athletes are expected to attend ALL practices. The success of the team and its performances solely depend on the commitment of each team member. Athletes unable to commit to the practice, games and competition schedule should reconsider trying out for the Club. The investment of money, time and energy will result in immense benefits.

The nature of cheerleading is such that one team members' absence will hinder the overall performance of the team for an upcoming game or event. While we recognize that there are circumstances under which an absence is required, we need all participants and parents to understand that an accrual of absences, regardless of reason, will result in a significant reduced role in competition routines and may result in dismissal from the team. We do not excuse athletes for family celebrations or events with friends that conflict with organized practices, games, and competition times.

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During the year team fundraising events will be organized to help lower the cost of cheerleading fees.

For more information please contact the Head Coach. Interested athletes can also check out our Facebook page below.

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Competitive: $450

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Practice Days & Times

Mondays and Wednesdays 8:00-10:30pm

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Tournaments & Competitions

Watch out this space for more details


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Please activate your student SMUfit membership pass (forms below) in order to belong to a Sport Club team.