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Academic & Life Skills Coaching

Note: Appointments for one-on-one academic & life skills coaching are currently unavailable. Please watch the "Building Academic Skills Video Series" for information on: Notetaking; Presentation skills; Exam Preparation; and Time Management. 

Some of the ways students benefit from Academic & Life skills Coaching:

Learning and implementing skills around time management, including planning, prioritizing, and addressing procrastination;

Improving concentration and focus through developing active learning strategies;

Managing stress and building resilience.

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What is Academic & Life skills Coaching?  It is a positive and interactive service that provides an opportunity for students to develop achievable academic goals, learn effective learning strategies (“working smarter and not harder”) and define learning objectives.  A goal of this service is to help increase students’ self-awareness, improve and enrich the overall learning experience, increase motivation and engagement and develop a set of skills that will serve them throughout their academic career and beyond.

What happens in session?  The academic & life skills coaching process involves an initial appraisal of student goals, concerns, and objectives. Through this service students have the opportunity to discuss their current habits of working, as well as uncovering barriers to success.  It is an opportunity to get support and encouragement around the challenges associated with university learning.  Interactive activities are completed in session to put into practice a variety of effective strategies.

What topics are covered in one-on-one sessions and group workshops?  Pretty much anything related to academics!  Individual sessions are tailored to meet students’ needs by addressing things they identify as concerns and/or building skills they would like to develop or strengthen.

Current Workshops:

Coming Soon!

Who could benefit from participating?  Academic & Life skills Coaching is for all students who wish to reach their academic potential, while managing the stress associated with being a student and building resiliency, which will have life-long benefits.

How do I make an appointment?  *Appointments are currently unavailable. Please see the "Building Academic Skills Video Series"

Students can schedule an appointment by calling 902-420-5615, emailing or dropping by in person to The Counselling Centre, located on the 4th floor of the Student Centre (SC406)       

What IS Academic Coaching:What Academic Coaching IS NOT:
- Supplemental to advising - Academic advising (course selection/program requirements)
- Academically focused - Counselling
- Goal-oriented - Tutoring
- Collaborative -Content specific 
-Supplemental to counselling  

Interested in getting some information before coming in for help? Or having trouble finding a time to come in with your hectic schedule? Watch the "Building Academic Skills Video Series". This series of short videos includes helpful information on:

  • Notetaking
  • Presentation skills
  • Exam Preparation
  • Time management

This video series was created by The Counselling Centre, and is focused on building your academic skills.