The Counselling Centre

Academic & Life Skills Coaching

The focus of this service is to help you learn “student life skills”, which will then have a positive impact on your academic performance. The following resources are free for all Saint Mary’s students!

1. Academic & Life Skills Coaching Appointments

Our Intake & Programs Coordinator meets one-on-one with students to discuss concerns that may be impacting their academic performance and suggest strategies to overcome these challenges. Topics that may be covered in these sessions include goal setting and increasing motivation, learning stress management strategies, developing academic confidence, etc. The first step in accessing this service is to participate in a drop-in intake session; subsequent appointments will be scheduled.

2. Mental Health Advocates Program

This program, which is offered on Brightspace, has been designed to help students gain valuable awareness and develop know-how around topics that can have a significant impact on student success. There are currently 20 modules included in this program. Here are some examples of the material contained in the modules:

  • Creating Balance in a Non-stop World (includes self-care and time management strategies)
  • Emotional Resilience (bouncing back after difficult situations or perceived failure)
  • Mindfulness (a key component in managing stress by tuning into your “here & now experience”)
  • Stress and Mental Health (tips and strategies to keep stress manageable).
  • Addressing Academic Anxiety (from exams to presentations to in-class participation, learn skills to overcome anxiety)

Sign-up Instructions:

  • Log on to Brightspace (
  • On the main page, click drop down tab titled Restricted Courses
  • Click Self-Registration - a table will appear
    • within the table, click the name of the course (Mental Health Advocates)
    • on the Course Offering Description, click Register
    • fill out the Registration Form and click Submit
    • click Finish
    • click Done

3. Academic Skills Building Video Series

Because we know it’s important that students feel confident about their academic skills and abilities, we offer the following video series to help with developing academic success strategies.

  • Notetaking (discover reasons why notetaking is important, how to prepare before class so you know what to write down, the effectiveness of using the Cornell Notetaking System, and Cues & Clues about what to include in notes)
  • Presentation Skills (learn tips for each part of the process: Planning, Preparing, Practicing & Presenting, as well as ways to overcome nervousness and anxiety before and during a presentation)
  • Exam Preparation (learn strategies on how to effectively plan and prepare for exams from Day 1 of classes, as well as tips on how to successfully write essay, multiple choice, short answer and true & false tests and exams)
  • Time Management (discover how to balance school, work, and social life by planning and prioritizing using an agenda and other tools, as well as saving time by learning an effective active reading system)
  • These videos can be found at:


Please click below to access the video series:

 Please Note:See below for specialized services at Saint Mary's to help you in the areas of career planning, choosing a major and course selection.

  • Career Services:
    • Career counsellors can help you figure out who you are, what you want, where you’re going, and how your academic studies fit in with your plan, including what major to choose for your future career goals.