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Residence FAQs

How do I apply for residence?

Students attending Saint Mary's for the first time who are interested in living in residence can apply online through our Housing Portal. Learn more on our Apply for Residence page.

Please note: If you are a TLC student, you may apply for residence through the TLC Centre.

How do I pay my residence fees?

You do not pay for residence through our office. The residence fees get applied to your student account for the fall term in mid-August (mid-December for the winter term) and are paid the same way you would pay for your tuition. The payment options are available on the Service Centre webpage.

What are my residence fees?

Depending on where you have been assigned in residence, different room types have different amounts of residence fees. You can locate the residence fees document on our main residence page HERE.

Can a first-year student get a single room?

Yes, if a student applies early, their chances of being placed in the residence of their choice (as well as their preferred room type) increases.

How many people will be living on my floor?

In Loyola, no more than 23 students will live on your floor. However, this residence is divided into four suites, so you will only share your bathroom with up to five other students.

In Vanier, no more than 18 students will live on your floor. However, this residence is divided into four suites as well, so you will only share your bathroom with a maximum of four other students.

In Rice, no more than 23 students will live on your floor. However, this residence is apartment-style, so you will only share your bathroom with two or three other students.

Can I see my residence room before I move in? 

Unfortunately, given residence operates throughout the year (including the summer months) and the complex logistics involved in turning over 1000 beds, we are not able to show residents their specifically assigned bed spaces/rooms prior to their assigned check in dates.

However, we do have 2 dedicated tour rooms available for year-round viewing: a Loyola Single and a Vanier Double. Individuals interested in tours / rooms viewings can arrange them through the Centre for New Students. The Centre for New Students can be reached by calling (902) 491-8691, by emailing or by stopping by the Centre located in McNally Main Building.


How do I do laundry? Do I need coins for the laundry machine?

No. Our laundry machines are card-operated. There are card vending and loading machines in front of the Loyola Residence Desk that allow residents to purchase a loadable laundry card and then add value (money) to their laundry card using a credit or debit card. Residents can also register online through Coinamatic, our laundry provider, to add value online at Laundry cards are available for purchase during move-in weekend in the fall and the card vending machine allows residents to purchase a replacement card throughout the year.

What can I do if I am not getting along with my roommate or suitemates?

Sometimes roommates find it awkward or uncomfortable to speak directly to their roommate about issues that are occurring in their room or on the floor. The mediation process is a great way for roommates to directly and respectfully address their concerns with each other in a safe, structured manner. Residence Assistants (RA's) have received training to facilitate this type of confidential meeting in an unbiased, non-confrontational, and non-judgemental manner. They will also make sure the meeting stays on track and that the meeting guidelines are being followed. Here is a brief overview of a typical mediation session:

  • RA reviews guidelines for meeting (i.e. one person talks at a time, be respectful, no interrupting, no name-calling, tell the truth, etc.).
  • First person states their concerns - RA clarifies and paraphrases.
  • Second person states their concerns - RA clarifies and paraphrases.
  • Both parties agree upon the key issues that need to be addressed.
  • Both parties work together to brainstorm ideas to resolve each issue, one at a time.
  • RA writes up what was agreed upon - roommate contract - and each party signs.
  • Either party can request to re-visit agreement in the future, if it is not working.

How do I get a room change?

Residence students are expected to occupy the room and bed assigned to them by the Housing & Residence. However, if students are experiencing problems with their particular room assignment they can apply for a room change. All room changes must be pre-authorized by the Housing & Residence. "Room Change Request Forms" are available in the Centre two weeks after classes begin. Request for room changes will not be considered before this time. Students may be required to participate in a mediation session with their roommates or suite (if applicable) before a room change is approved. Room changes are prioritized at the discretion of the Housing & Residence, based on the needs of all those who apply (not just on a first come first serve basis). Naturally, all room changes are also subject to the availability of alternate accommodation.

What is a Notice of Fine (NOF)?

A NOF is a fine, ranging from $50.00 to $100.00,that is issued for minor violations of the Residence Policies (outlined in the Handbooks). These fines are issued by Residence Staff, Residence Services Officers (RSOs), Residence Assistants (RAs), and Residence Coordinators (RCs).

The NOF becomes payable to a student’s account after four (4) business days (payable online using self-service banner or in person to the Service Centre).

A student, who is issued four NOF's with one Academic year, may be dismissed from Residence at the discretion of the Director, Residence Department.

Can I do anything about a NOF I feel I did not deserved?

If you feel that you are receiving a NOF undeservingly it is in your best interest not to dispute the fact with the Resident Staff issuing the fine. Arguing with the Residence Staff members may result in an additional fine for being uncooperative with Residence Staff.

Once you receive your copy of the fine, please refer to the reverse side of the fine to find detailed instructions on how to appeal. There is a Student Disciplinary Committee made up of residence students who hears the appeals.

Please review the Student Disciplinary Code along with the Residence Handbook to find out what your rights and responsibilities are as a resident.

Can I have overnight guests in my residence room?

Yes, you may have overnights guests, however, you must remember that you are responsible for your guest's actions while they are in residence. They are subject to residence Rules and Regulations as well. Any misconduct of your guest will be your responsibility.

It is the basic right of every student to have privacy in his/her assigned room. No student should feel obligated to relinquish this right. In a shared accommodation, overnight guests and visitors are allowed only with the consent of all roommates. Further to this, an overnight guest or visitor may be asked at any time to leave the room in the interest of preserving privacy.

Your guest is allowed in residence for two consecutive nights (assuming you have the consent of all roommates). Should you wish to have them stay longer, you must contact the Housing & Residence to gain permission.