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Research Connections

At the Centre for the Study of Sport and Health we aim to highlight the achievements, research initiatives and publications of others. Research Connections allows the Centre to provide a developmental platform for our research associates recognizing their outstanding contributions to the study of sport and health. 

Dr. Miriam Wright

Wilfred “Boomer” Harding, sometimes referred to as Canada’s very own Jackie Robinson, has been the motivational figure for a project led by Dr. Wright. She is the Chair of the History Department at the University of Windsor, and has recently been granted $72,500 by the Ontario Trillium Foundation to complete this exciting project. “Breaking the Colour Barrier” will document “Boomer’s” influential role in breaking down racial barriers in sport in the early 20th century. The project aims to capture “Boomer’s” legacy through a digital archive and oral history to be featured on the Leddy Library’s Centre for Digital Scholarship in 2017. Dr. Wright has asked Dr. Howell, Academic Director of the CSSH, to offer advice concerning the project which he is happy to provide. “This is a wonderful project”, said Dr. Howell noting “the interest that the Centre at Saint Mary’s has in issues relating to sport and race”.

Dr. Cheryl Macdonald

Dr. Macdonald’s research resides in the areas of gender, sexuality and sport. Dr. Macdonald’s doctoral work focused on masculinity and attitudes towards homosexuality in Midget AAA ice hockey. In March, 2016 Dr. Macdonald’s defended her dissertation “Yo! You Can’t Say That: Understandings of Gender and Sexuality and Attitudes Towards Homosexuality Among Male Major Midget AAA Ice Hockey Players in Canada”, becoming Concordia University’s first PhD graduate in Social and Cultural Analysis. Following this substantial achievement, Dr. Macdonald had been awarded a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Alberta, which will begin in January 2017. The fellowship was developed by the You Can Play and the Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services at the University of Alberta. It intends to create a more inclusive and respectful sporting environment through applied research on gender, sexuality, homophobia and transphobia. Dr. Macdonald is a frequent visitor to the CSSH, having completed undergraduate and graduate degrees in Sociology and Atlantic Canada Studies at Saint Mary’s. “At some point we would love to have Dr. Macdonald return to Saint Mary’s and her academic roots”, said Dr. Howell, CSSH Academic Director.

Dr. Carly Adams

Dr. Adams has been an integral member of the Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education at the University of Lethbridge since 2007. Her research focuses on 20th century Canadian sport, gender, regional and local history, oral history and women’s sport governance. Dr. Adams became connected to the Centre for the Study of Sport and Health through the Putting it on Ice Hockey Conference in 2004 on Women's Hockey, coming into contact with Dr. Howell, who hosted the event at Saint Mary’s University. Since their initial encounter, Adams has twice been a visiting researcher at the Centre for the Study of Sport and Health. We were able to host Dr. Adams in 2012 for four months and again in 2015. According to Dr. Howell she has contributed to the Centre in many ways. Recently, Dr. Adams had been appointed as a Board of Governor’s Research Chair in the Humanities at the University of Lethbridge, which acknowledges the research accomplishments of its faculty members. 

List of Recent Publications:


  • Colin Howell, “Continentalization and America’s Contested Baseball Hegemony: The Postwar Challenge to Major League Baseball in Mexico, Quebec and the Caribbean, 1945-55,” in Russell Field, ed., Contested Terrain: The Continuing Struggle for Sport and Recreation, Essays in Honour of Bruce Kidd. (University of Toronto Press, in press).
  • Colin Howell, “Sport at Saint Mary’s”, in Paul Puma, ed. Huskies: In Pursuit of Excellence, (New World Publishing, Halifax, 2012)
  • Colin Howell, “Alexander Peter Reid: Medicine, History and Dreams of Social Transformation,” invited paper presented to the Dalhousie Society for the History of Medicine: 30th Anniversary Symposium, (Halifax, September 24, 2012)
  • Dr. Howell continues to serve on the editorial boards of the Journal for Sport History, the Sport History Review and the International Journal of Sport History.


  • Weigand, H., Mills, A., (2015). Analysis of the Role of Sports in the Management Textbook: A Study of Sports Images in Organizational Behaviour Textbooks from 1992 to 2011, International Journal of Sports Science, 3, pp. 246-256.

  • Kelloway, K., Weigand, H., McKee, M., and Das, H., (2013). Positive Leadership, International Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, 20(1), 107-117
  • Weigand, H.A; Mills, A., (2011). The Olivieri Case: An Ethical Dilemna in Clinical Research and Corporate Sponsorship.  International Journal of Case Studies in Management.
  • Weigand, H.A, Webb, S., Mills, A., and Helms-Mills, J., (2014). The Junctures of Intersectionality: Race, Gender, Class and Nationality and the Making of Pan American Airways, 1929-1989. In D. Bridges, S.J. Neal-Smith & A.J. Mills (Eds), Absent Aviators: Gender Issues in Aviation (pp. 15-42). London: Ashgate.


Conference Proceedings:

  • Volume 1: Putting It on Ice:  Hockey and Cultural Identities
  • Volume 2: Putting It on Ice:  Internationalizing Canada's Game
  • Volume 3: Putting It on Ice: Women's Hockey -- Gender Issues On and Off the Ice
  • Volume 4: Forthcoming (Summer 2013)

Visiting Researchers

One of the objectives of the CSSH is to become a major meeting place for researchers in the field of sport and health from around the world.  In addition to hosting conferences we hope to attract post-doctoral fellows, short-term and longer-term research visitors, sabbaticants, and faculty from Saint Mary’s and other metro universities, to share their research, plan collaborative projects and research grant proposals, and engage in consulting and contract work related to sport, health and well-being.  During the 2011-12 year we had six visiting researchers from a number of different disciplines, and three more have committed to come to the Center this coming year.

  • Dr. Sean O'Neil (University of Florida). Sean O'Neil studies the intersection of sports, disability, and religion. He is originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, where he graduated with a BA in English and History from Dalhousie University. He subsequently did a Master's in International Affairs-Latin American studies at Ohio University, before receiving a PhD in Religion from the University of Florida. He has drawn on this interdisciplinary training to teach courses in various departments, programs and centres in the United States and Canada: including Kinesiology and Health; Religious Studies/Comparative Religion; History; American Studies; and Latin American Studies. He currently resides in Fort Worth, Texas, where he is completing a manuscript entitled Faith Scripts and Supercrips: Intersections of Sports, Disability, and Religion in Popular Culture
  • Dr. Russell Field (University of Manitoba). Dr. Russell Field, received his doctorate in Exercise Sciences at the University of Toronto. Dr. Field is the founder and executive director for the Canadian Sport Film Festival, which aims to allow spectators to go beyond the scoreboard. Currently, he is researching on sport in Africville and has developed the People's History of Sport in Canada Project. Dr. Russell Field aims to acquaint the importance of sport and physical activity to community cohesion and identity. 
  • Dr. Lori Dithurbide (Dalhousie University). Dr. Dithurbide, a former Saint Mary’s graduate, received her doctorate in sport psychology and kinesiology at Michigan State University in the summer of 2011, and came to the CSSH as a post-doc for the fall 2011 term.  In addition to working on a research project involving a minor hockey team along with our SEEP student Robert Reid, Lori was an active member of the hockey conference organizing team. Robert and Lori were co-presenters at the conference. Dr. Dithurbide has recently been hired to a position in Kinesiology at Dalhousie, but will continue to maintain a close association with the CSSH.
  • Dr. Peter Tingling (Simon Fraser University). While on sabbatical from Simon Fraser University Dr. Tingling taught at Saint Mary’s in the Department of Management, but also joined the CSSH as a visiting research fellow.  Dr. Tingling continued his research on the selection and management processes related to the hockey draft, and both he and one of his graduate students presented at the Putting it on Ice Conference.
  • Dr. Carly Adams (University of Lethbridge). A leading figure in the field of sport history in Canada, Dr. Adams has recently completed a six-week visit to the CSSH to undertake research on her history of women’s hockey in Canada.  Her involvement in the hockey conference included chairing sessions, a paper on the women’s hockey development program in Warner, Alberta, and a reading from her prize-winning recent book on women’s hockey in the interwar years. 
  • Dr. Jason Laurendeau (University of Lethbridge). A sport sociologist with an interest in sport and risk behaviour, Dr. Laurendeau undertook a six-week research project in association with the Department of Search and Rescue in Nova Scotia while at the CSSH. 
  • Dr. Brian Kennedy (Pasadena City College, California). Author of three best-selling books on hockey, including his recent My Country is Hockey, Dr. Kennedy has made the CSSH one of the three important venues for his sabbatical work which will lead to a history of the 1972 Canada-Russia series. He will continue to come to the CSSH over the next year.  A member of the English Department at Pasadena City College, he delivered a paper to the PIOI conference and a reading from the aforementioned work.
  • Mr. Erik Lyman (University of Edinburgh). On leave from the Ph.d program in sociology at the University of Edinburgh where he was working on sport and the Scottish military, Mr. Lyman has come to the CSSH to broaden his understanding of the field of sport studies.
  • Dr. Eileen Angelini. (Canisius College, Buffalo) will be returning in the spring of 2013 to continue a research fellowship with the CSSH that began in 2010. Chairperson of Modern Languages at Canisius, Dr. Angelini will continue her work on Maurice Richard and anglo-francophone relations in Canada.