The Counselling Centre

2018-2019 MENtality Team Members



MENtality will return in the Fall 2019


Previous Volunteers

Name: Daniel Abar

Title: Registered Counselling Therapist/Team Lead of MENtality

Mentality is a new group of motivated students who act as ambassadors for men’s mental health across campus. The goals of programming are to raise awareness around mental health issues for men, students who identify as male and allies, and to destigmatize help seeking behaviours through a variety of methods including advocacy, personal relationship building and events.




Name: Bryn de Chastelain

Major: Political Science and Economics

I want to help revisit male dialogue and increase collaboration between men and women towards common goals. 






Name: Ahammad Hassan Monzoor 

Major: Political Science, Criminology

I am in my third year at Saint Mary’s University pursuing a dual degree in Political Science and Criminology. I am an international student from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am really passionate about advocacy, mental health and wellness and would like to contribute towards a healthy lifestyle on campus starting my first year on the MENtality team. Men’s mental health is not a prominent subject in our society and is often ignored. Especially the stigma which comes along with manhood and burdens men to live up to society’s expectations encouraged me in supporting men’s mental health and raise awareness for this issue. Men also suffer of certain projected stereotypes which restrict them in their actions as they restrain them from emotional support. My goal is to empower, engage and build strong relationships with my peers in order to help them to be happy both academically and socially.


Name: Leena Chowdhury

Major: Finance 

I come from a cultural background where people are ashamed to talk about mental health - it is not often not even considered as important as physical health. Growing up I have seen my family and friends struggle with mental illness without even realizing. It not only affects the person with mental illness but also their loved ones. My interest in advocating mental health comes from my personal experience and the experiences of my beloved ones with mental health.



Name: Mehul Tanwar


Bio coming soon.







Name: Mitchell Archibald 

Major: Global Business Management

I’m in my third year majoring in Global Business Management and minoring in French. I joined MENtailty because of my own experiences with mental health in my immediate family. Growing up in a small town mental health was something that was rarely talked about, and even today there are so many people out there, so many of them men, who don’t what resources are available and don’t feel comfortable seeking help.




Name: Ruth Shelton


Bio coming soon.






Name: Drew McCarthy 
Picture of Drew


Bio coming soon.






Name: Holly Foxall 

Major: Master of Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation

I am interested in men's mental health, because I have noticed an increased stigma surrounding mental health, especially for men. From my experience I have found that men have a more difficult time reaching out and asking for help, so I want to work to lessen that stigma, and help everyone gain access to the resources they need.