The Counselling Centre


Who is this for?

If any of the topics listed in this graphic apply to you, then you can benefit from this group.



What is it?

A Four Session discussion group for male students that provides facilitated conversation and peer modeling around healthy masculinity and sexuality.

This group gives all participants the possibility of making a positive impact on campus in helping to reduce gender-based violence, support themselves and learn to support friends to develop healthy views of masculinity.

Who can attend?

Any male student registered and attending courses at Saint Mary's University (staff ineligible for program).

Why is this needed?

Many aspects of toxic masculinity are alive and well and provide unhealthy messages about how to date, learn about sex and develop our self-esteem. Engaging male students in working to change these views is a unique and exciting opportunity to create a respectful community and campus.

What will I learn?

This group will help you in numerous ways such as developing practical skills for understanding consent; learning strong alternatives to toxic masculinity; develop tools for healthy expression of male sexuality; learn about healthy relationships; and challenge ‘no homo’ rhetoric. Best of all – the opportunity to act to promote healthy relationships and stand up for a cause you believe in on campus to make actual change.

What’s the worst that can happen?

Except in circumstances that involve your personal safety or the safety of a minor, all information in the group is kept confidential, there are no notes recorded and you will never be forced to talk. The worst thing that can happen is that you burn your mouth on a free slice of pizza and leave.

Okay, I’m ready to step up. How do I register?
E-mail with the topic MANMADE to register. The group runs for 4 consecutive evenings from 5-7pm and a free pizza dinner is provided. You will also receive CCR credits for attending.