Campus Life

What is the Wellness Strategy & Model?

The Wellness Strategy & Model is a series of resources, programs, and opportunities that are designed to help promote and facilitate healthy lifestyles among the Saint Mary's community. Programming is currently offered or under development in eight areas of wellness:

  • Intellectual Wellness
    Be open-minded to new ideas and experiences that allow indivduals to to have a growth mindset to expand knowledge and skills.
  • Spiritual Wellness
    Have a positive perception of the meaning and purpose of life individually or through involvement with spiritual communities.
  • Financial Wellness
    Understand and manage your finances in a way that provides security, confidence, and options to support all aspects of your life now and in the future.
  • Emotional Wellness
    Be self-aware, accept and manage your feelings, thoughts, and attitudes – focus on having self-esteem and being resilient.
  • Physical Wellness
    Recognize the need for physical activity, sleep, and proper nutrition while being better informed about the use of substances such as tobacco, alcohol, and drugs. Choose a positive, respectful and safe approach to sexuality and relationships.
  • Social Wellness
    Develop positive and nurturing relationships and have a sense of community and belonging.
  • Occupational Wellness
    Prepare and make use of your skills and talents in order to gain purpose, happiness, and enrichment in all aspects of your life.
  • Environmental Wellness
    Embrace a positive perception and care for the environment that one works and lives in and participate in activities that protect the environment.

Integrated Wellness Suite (Principles for Space Allocation)

  • The University Health and Wellness Committee will oversee the allocation, operation and management of the Integrated Wellness Suite in accordance to the vision of the Health and Wellness Strategy.
  • The Integrated Wellness Suite will be multi-functional and flexible relating to all aspects of the Health and Wellness principles.
  • The Integrated Wellness Suite will include Incubator space, for new and development on current health and wellness initiatives
  • The Integrated Wellness Suite will encourage a sense of openness, supportiveness, creating a sense of community within the suite. Collaborating of services and sharing of space will be encouraged.
  • The Integrated Wellness Suite will provide programs and services accessible to Saint Mary’s students, employees and the community.
  • Space allocations are available to internal and external health and wellness partner initiatives.
  • Space allocations are not considered permanent and are subject to change. Projects time frames up to two years with a consideration for renewal.
  • Initiatives, new and current expanding, have a funding source and model or are revenue generating. e.g. Financial Literacy
  • One office will be allocated for short-term use (heart week, mental health week)