Campus Life

Health & Wellness Committee

To help effectively foster healthy lifestyles among its community, Saint Mary's assembled a Health and Wellness Committee and tasked them with developing and executing a health and wellness strategy for the University. As part of this process, the Committee developed a formal vision and mission, and set of guiding principles for the project:


Saint Mary's University inspires students, faculty, staff, and the external community to make healthy lifestyle choices transforming themselves into healthier individuals and creating a healthier community.


Saint Mary's is committed to providing a safe, health work environment; and to promoting a learning culture that encourages, engages and enables individuals and groups to:

  • Learn about holistic health and wellness
  • Understand the impact of their choices on their own health and wellness
  • Develop and maintain healthier habits
  • Support each other in health and wellness endeavours
  • Positively transform themselves individual and as a community

Guiding Principles

Saint Mary's is committed to:

1.  Encouraging all members of our campus community to pursue health, safe and balanced lifestyles.

2.  Embracing a holistic approach to health and wellness recognizing the intellectual, spiritual, financial, emotional, physical, social, occupational, and environmental aspects of health and wellness.

3.  Translating the principles of health and wellness into concrete programs, activities and learning experiences with intentional focus and measurable directions to support achievement of individual and Saint Mary's community health and wellness.

4.  Supporting the inclusion of health and wellness as an area of academic study - teaching and research.

5.  Collaborating and coordinating internally and externally to promote:

  • Access to information, programs, and services
  • Awareness
  • Dialogue between members and groups in the campus community
  • Working, teaching and learning communities or groups at all levels that sustain and support healthy working, learning and living, leading to the evolution of grass roots initiatives across campus that engage individuals in health living and mutual support
  • Recognizing and celebrating health and wellness of individuals and communities