Fred Smithers Centre



Application Process

Applying to the Centre

Students who wish to register for services with The Fred Smithers Centre are required to submit an application and supporting recent (no longer than 5 years) documentation/diagnosis from a physician or psychologist. The following is a list of documentation accepted based on disability:

Learning Disability: Psychoeducational assessment; neuropsychological assessment; School Psychologist

  • Mental Illness: Psychologist; Physician; Psychiatrist
  • ADD/ADHD: Psychologist; Psychiatrist; Physician
  • Hearing Impairment: Audiologist assessment
  • Visual Impairment: Ophthalmologist
  • Mobility Impairment: Physician; specialist
  • Medical Condition: Physician
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder: Psychologist; Psychiatrist; Neurologist

 Supports and Accommodations

 The services offered by The Fred Smithers Centre include, but are not limited to:

  • Employment skills
  • ASL/English interpreting
  • Access to grants, goods and services
  • Adaptive technology and training
  • Exam accommodations
  • Note taking via a volunteer program
  • Faculty presentations and workshops for students
  • Study skills workshops
  • Referrals within the University and to community agencies


1. Complete the Online Application Form

2. Complete the Disability Verification Form or submit your psycho-educational 

Accommodations are based on the information provided in the disability verification form, or, for learning disabilities a psycho-educational assessment completed within the last 5 years.

The disability verification form must be completed by a licensed health care professional qualified in the field of the student's disability.

Once the application process is completed, and has been approved, you will be contacted to set up an intake meeting with a disability advisor by contacting the Secretary at 902 420 5452.

Your application cannot be processed until both the application and the documentation form are received.

Documentation can be emailed to, faxed 902 496 8122, or dropped off to the centre. 


The deadlines for new applicants are as follows:

Fall Semester - November 1st

Winter Semester - March 1st

Spring Session - May 15th

Summer Session - July 15th

Students are required to meet with a disability advisor at the beginning of each academic semester to request accommodations.

All documentation received by the Fred Smithers Centre will be stored securely for a period of 5 years after which it will be shredded.

Students should also keep a copy of their documentation for future reference.