Fred Smithers Centre

Test and Exam Accommodations

Some students with disabilities may require specific accommodations when writing tests and exams. Arrangements can be made if a student requires extra time, the use of technology, the reading and/or scribing of an exam, or other disability-related accommodations. It is the responsibility of the student to discuss these accommodations with a disability advisor at the beginning of each academic semester as they pertain to each course. Students are responsible to request an accommodation letter from their advisor for each course.

Quizzes, Tests, and Midterms

It is your responsibility to request test and exam accommodations. A separate request form must be filled out for each test/exam.

The test/exam request form can be completed online. Once completed, the Fred Smithers Centre will be in contact with your professor.

The centre requires at least one week's notice for quizzes, tests, and midterms.

Final Exams

Students must make arrangements for final exam accommodations through the Fred Smithers Centre once the final exam schedule is posted by the Registrar's office. This can be found on banner under concise student schedule.

Final exam requests for Fall semester must be submitted no later than November 15.

Final exams for Winter semester must be submitted no later than March 15

The test/exam request form can be completed online

Online Exams

If you are taking a course with online tests or exams make sure you contact your advisor at the beginning of term to notify your professor of your accommodations.

Test/Exam Form

The test/exam request form can be completed here.