The Counselling Centre

Workshops & Presentations

Attending workshops and presentations are an effective way to learn skills and tools for managing the problems that affect your daily life, especially at university. Throughout the year, The Counselling Centre hosts many workshops and presentations for students, faculty and staff, which you can find and register for through the calendar on our homepage. Topics can range from Stress Management to How to Support Your fellow Peers or Students and are offered in different degrees of interactivity (from lecture style, to workshop style with hands-on participation). A list of workshops that have been offered in the past for students can be found below.

We are also always open to your suggestions for future workshops. If you would like to give a suggestion or have any questions, please email



Understanding & Coping with Depression

 A workshop to provide you with information on what is depression, the impact it can have and how you can cope with it in your daily life.




The Balancing Act: An Interactive Stress Management Workshop

Trying to juggle all commitments of school, work, social life, family, etc. can be a hard task and sometimes you just need some practical techniques to help you get through.

The Balancing Act is an Interactive Workshop filled with activities focused on managing stress that you can take and directly implement into your daily life.





Shame and Self-Worth Workshop

This workshop is intended to help you learn about shame, including how it works, how to know when it's affecting you and how to gain some control over your inner critic.





Peers Supporting Peers: Helping Friends Who Struggle with Mental Health Concerns

Are you worried about someone in your life? Unsure what to do to help them? Do you want to feel more confident in the help you are currently offering? This workshop explores how to identify and respond to people in distress.




Mental Health and Stress: Developing New Coping Skills

During this presentation, a model for mental health will be presented while learning about how stress impacts mental wellbeing. Discover your personal coping profile and learn and practice new strategies to navigate stress in alternate ways. This session will be informative and interactive!



Relationships 101

 A workshop focused on clarifying what is a healthy relationship and how one can develop and maintain these healthy relaitionships in all aspects of their life.




Understanding & Coping with Anxiety

 A workshop to give you the information you neeed to understand what is Anxiety and cope with it in your daily life.