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All new clients access our service by going through intake (a 30 minute appointment to assess your concerns). Following this appointment, you will be set up with a Counsellor/Psychologist.

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2. Counselling Concern(s)

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Please be aware that our service may be booked 2-3 weeks in advance.
If your concern is pressing or an emergency, please contact 911 or I.M Well at 1-877-234-5327.
Additionally, you may contact Good2Talk at 1-833-292-3692. These are free, 24/7, confidential phone counselling services.
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4. Appointments are booked at the following times. Please select all times that would work best for you.

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If you are in crisis or an emergency use one of the following: I.M Well at 1-877-234-5327, Mental Health Mobile Crisis at 902-429-8167 or go directly to the QEII Emergency Department (19 and over) on Robie Street or IWK Emergency Department (Under 19) on South Street.

Our Secretary will be back in touch to confirm your appointment date, time and name.

Thank you!