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Students Studying Abroad

REEL Careers - Reflecting & Engaging through Experiential Learning

A highly effective way to foster personal development, enhance your employability and professionally stand out from the crowd is to study abroad.  During this experience, you can gain and develop valuable skills that are highly attractive to employers in the global market, such as managing complex situations, gaining cultural knowledge, accessing to a second language, communicating cross-culturally, problem-solving, independence, resourcefulness and resiliency.  In today’s economy, organizations are hungry for employees who have these skills and can express them in the work environment.     

Through the REEL Careers program, you will collaborate with a Career and Employment Coach while working on 3 reflective exercises that promote deep self-discovery.  Together, we will help you unpack the skills, strengths, and aptitudes that you developed during your study abroad and showcase them in an attractive and meaningful way to employers

 Generate or identify career options based on your unique talents, interests, and needs through deep self-discovery

  • Build confidence by identifying and communicating your skills and strengths that attract employers.
  • Enhance your resume and LinkedIn profile and gain a competitive advantage in the Global Economy

Upon completion, receive:

  • CCR Recognition
  • Certificate of completion