Career Services

What is Recognized on the CCR?

The following six categories are recognized:

1. Volunteer Work

  • On-campus experiences
    • Volunteering with different on-campus departments, societies, etc. For a list of verified on-campus partners view on your Career360°.
  • CCR Community Partners (view our community partner on your Career360° account)

2. Leadership

  • Students holding leadership roles are those who are actively involved in providing direction and guidance in the management of a task or role as a paid or unpaid position. Student leaders demonstrate leadership characteristics including but are not limited to managerial competence, initiative, dedication, decisiveness, accountability, and confidence. To see if your leadership role is verified visit your Career360° account or inquiry with our Co-Curricular Record Office.

3. Student Societies

  • All ratified Saint Mary’s University Student Association (SMUSA) societies.

4. Sports

  • Sports can include competitive and recreational sports, varsity, intramurals, and sports clubs.

5. Professional & Personal Development

  • On and off-campus development such as competitions, conferences, councils, workshops, etc.

6. Co-Curricular Awards

  • Non-academic awards only (any award not documented on your academic transcript).