Career Services

Graduate Students

While graduate students complete a specialized academic focus in their program, not every student will be continuing in academia. As more students perceive graduate degrees as an additional credential in getting ahead in their careers, there is a cohort in academic programs who don’t know how to leverage their degree outside academics despite this being their intended goal.

Career Services can help you explore different Master degree programs and post-graduate certificates.

  • A Career & Employment Coach can help you explore program options
  • If you are not clear about the next steps, consider Career Counselling as a first step

Graduate School Entrance Exams

  • GRE
  • GMAT
  • LSAT
  • MCAT

Career Services can provide specialized programming for graduate students at the request of the Graduate Coordinator or any professor teaching courses at the graduate level. Previously held classes have been on topics such as:

  • “Presenting the Value of my Degree to Employers” - what students are learning in addition to their academic discipline (tangible and intangible transferable skills)
  • Guided Self-Assessment - exploring various aspects of the self-related to career
  • Job search tactics (e.g. resume work, networking)