Campus Life

African Descent Student Ambassador

The African Descent Ambassador has a role to not only represent the Black community on campus, but to ensure that this community supported throughout the duration of students academic life here at Saint Mary’s University.

Our services are centered around the following mandates:

1. Student Advocacy

2. Student Knowledge

3. Student Heritage

And these services are listed as follows, but not limited to:

● Ensuring the campus resources cater to black stdents’ needs

● Celebrating the multi-faceted identity of Black students on our campus, and beyond.

● Updating and promoting campus resources to students

● Student Life support, and providing a link to on an off campus black communities, and

cultural events.

● Maintaining a strong online presence via social media, and our webpage

● Confidencial advising and referrals for individuals or groups.

Each year a student is hired to carry forward the role of Student Ambassador.

Office hours:

Not available during the summer

To book an appointment or to query, please email:

Please find the current edition of the African Descent Ambassador Newsletter 2018.

We update this handbook often, so please check back for more updates coming soon.

Community Organizations

Another way to gain some experience and gather relevant information is to make contact with some of the organizations in the community that promote personal development and focus on issues and topics specific to those of African Descent. The following is a list of some of these organizations:

 Note: Our African Descent Student Ambassador position is held by a student from October 1st  to April 1st each year.

 Please see the following links for support during the spring and summer months: Academic Advisors, Service Centre, and Recruitment/Admissions.