Pride in Your Shared Neighbourhood

About Us

Pride in Your Shared Neighbourhood is a University Committee made up of students, staff, neighbours, and HRM representatives who care about the neigbhourhood in which they live, work and study and want to add to the great community that already exists. The Committee works year round to educate students on the responsibilities of being a good neighbour and to make neighbours aware of the contributions students make to the community. Getting to know one another and working together to make the community the best it can be are main themes of the work of the Pride in Your Shared Neighbourhood Committee. The Committee uses educational material, awareness sessions, meetings and fun activities to create a sense of community, encouraging all to take "Pride in Your Shared Neighbourhood".

The Committee is receptive to hearing suggestions on ways to create partnerships and to resolve issues within the community. Neighbours are invited to campus throughout the academic year to share their experiences and meet students.