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1973 Basketball Huskies

1973 Basketball Huskies

Inducted in 1996
Category: Team

Saint Mary's can boast of many athletic successes over the last quarter century, but none more historic, exciting or dramatic than that of the 1972-73 National Basketball Championship Huskies. This team, under young coach Brian Heaney, was not regarded as a factor in the CIAU pre-season, but rather a collection of eager but inexperienced players destined for development status.

The Huskies broke from the gate quickly that season compiling a 7-1 record by Christmas, then winning 15 of their last 17 games for a season total of 22 wins. In their final 11 games, the Huskies averaged an incredible 86 points a game. During that stretch, they unseated Acadia Axemen as AIAA conference champions; knocked off Windsor Lancers 91-84 in CIAU semifinal overtime; then defeated Lakehead 79-67 to give Saint Mary's its first ever national championship.

Portrait Artist: Barb Dorey
Portrait Art Photographer: Joe Chrvala

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