Logos & Colours

Saint Mary's uses its simplified logo in most cases. This logo no longer features the text for the motto or "Halifax, Nova Scotia" or "Halifax, Canada".

This is the logo in its most common format. (Right-click to save.)

Horizontal simplified Saint Mary's logo


We've also made available a full set of approved logos in a variety of formats and file types.

Link to full set of logos.


Signature Colour

Pantone 202C

0C  100M  61Y  43K

111R  2G  2B



Secondary Colour

Pantone Cool Gray 11C

0C  100M  61Y  43K

77R  78G  83B



Secondary Colour - Sand

Pantone 7501C

0C  8M  35Y  10K

220R  206G  171B



Secondary Colour - Blue

Pantone 549C

52C  6M  0Y  25K

90R  150G  175B



Secondary Colour - Green

Pantone 383C

20C  0M  100Y  19K

171R  180G  86B


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