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SMUdent Info

  • Major: Psychology
  • Home Country: Colombia
  • Languages Spoken: English & Spanish

SMUdent Bio

I choose SMU because of its academic excellence and international community.

Involvement on Campus: My goal has always been to contribute to the Saint Mary’s community in other ways besides just doing well in the classroom. I've participated in both social work and varsity sports on campus. I was able to participate in one of my favorite sports, cheerleading, something I have always been very passionate about; and at the same time I was part of the service leadership committee and volunteered for some social work activities and fundraisers.

Favourite Activities: I really like going on hikes and camping. I like discovering new cafes in Halifax to go reading and enjoying different cuisines at restaurants. Also one of my favorite activities is dancing salsa, which is a constant reminder of my Colombian roots and culture.

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