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SMUdent Info

  • Major: Biology & Forensic Science
  • Home Country: Mauritius
  • Languages Spoken: English, French, & Russian

SMUdent Bio

Major : Bachelor of Science in Biology & Forensic Science Diploma

Year of study : 2

Involvement at SMU: In my second year, I was part of the Peer One Mentorship program in which I assist first-year students in their transition to university life. I am also a French Tutor and I help students doing courses in French.

Reasons for choosing SMU : I chose Saint Mary's University because of its great Biology and Forensic Science program with the opportunity of gaining first-hand experience with researches and the co-op program. Saint Mary's community is also very diverse, with students from every part of the world, so the atmosphere is very warm and you feel just like at home.

Hobbies/Interests: I love spending time at Point Pleasant Park. The atmosphere is so peaceful there, so whenever I feel stressed and I want to escape from the world of studying, I like to go for a walk there. I love hanging out with friends and explore Halifax!

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